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Posted on April 20, 2019 at 12:40 AM


 I write this on Good Friday. It’s the day You, my Savior, suffered and died for us. You love us so much, You were willing to reclaim us by paying our sin debt. God created Adam and Eve as the first couple, then gave them reign over the earth. They were to be the physical carriers of God’s Spirit on the earth. However the enemy, satan, in its hatred of God, wanted to ruin God’s plan. So he manipulated Eve and then Adam to betray their Creator by disobeying the one condition He gave them~ do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the Garden.


That sin was encoded in the nature of every human being thereafter; it jaded the relationship between God and man. But Jesus, God’s Son, chose to pay the penalty for that betrayal of God, that human sin debt. This weekend we celebrate the renewal of our relationship with God. We as humans can accept this awesome gift of Jesus, our Savior; we simply repent of our personal sins, and ask Jesus to now be the Lord and King of our lives.


As we submit our life to Him, we become new beings with God’s DNA restored to us, lifting us  up out of the pit of darkness, of hopelessness. For as Jesus was risen from the dead on Easter, we are risen with Him out of the darkness and into the light!. We dwell from now on with God inside us, leading and guiding our lives, and making His strength available to us.


Hallelujah! This Easter let us gather together in celebration and thanksgiving to our God Who loves us so deeply as His precious children! Choose to love HIm and accept Him as Your very own Savior. Start today to build your relationship with our loving God!


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