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Posted on June 23, 2019 at 4:35 AM

Thank You Lord for the things You do for us. Thank You for your wisdom and Your help in all the  blessings You  pour upon us every day. They add up to feelings of safety and security.


Trusting in God is such a calming state. God loves us so much and He’s always watching over us. God is working behind the scenes when we are unaware.


A friend shared a great story the other day. His shy son had one day called and said, “I’ve met her Dad, the woman I’m going to marry. Every morning I stop at Starbucks for coffee, and she always waits on me.“

“Really son? What’s her name“ ?

“Her name is Sue.”

“Do you have her phone number?”

“No Dad.”

“Are you going to ask her out?”


Two weeks later shy Guy called again. Dad, she’s gone. She doesn’t work there anymore; and I never got her number.”


Now Guy had an older brother who worked in a hospital. His wife also worked there. A new lady had been hired, and they became acquainted. One day feeling sad for his brother who lost a potential great life partner, he invited the new acquaintance to double on a blind date with his brother and he and his wife, the four would go out together. A date was set.

When the time came for introducing the two on the blind date, they were shocked, because Guy’s blind date was Sue from Starbucks. It seems Sue had liked Guy also, and the other baristas would send Sue to wait on Guy when he came in.


Guy and Sue are now happily married! Can you see God’s hand in weaving this relationship together? Trusting God is such a right place to be. My own story told a few years ago had an intricate weaving of “coincidences” to bring my best friend, playmate, and husband and I together. With God's help our relationship will soon reach the 53rd year.


                                              Our God is faithful! You can trust Him.


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