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Posted on May 17, 2019 at 3:40 AM



Doesn’t it feel splendid to be inside on a cold windy night? Listen to the wind howl around like a hungry frustrated nocturnal creature! As a child it became a monster in the darkness. Windows rattled, wind borne objects crashed down as bumps in the night. Trees bent low, sometimes branches loudly crack off to become morning obstructions in the road.


Yet here I cuddle comfortably in my blanket absorbed in my book, not totally oblivious to the maelstrom outside, but thankful for the warmth and shelter of my sanctuary. i heard a song the other day by Scott Krippayne; ”Sometimes He holds us close, lets the wind and waves go wild, “Sometimes He calms the storm; other times He calms His child.” I love it! God is my strong tower in the. storms of life.


 Have you noticed how swiftly the months are blowing off the calendar ~ sorta like the winds are grabbing each page and ripping away the time. I actually am recalling a number of years past when we moved my Dad from Alabama to Denver. His Parkinson’s Disease had worsened. Being so far away became a dichotomy. On one hand the distance isolated me from the every day pain of watching him deteriorate; on the other hand, I worried about him. So the ‘insulation’ needed to be pulled off, other issues be faced, and true feelings exposed. We all had to deal with the loss. Seeing my Daddy as a healthy and strong rock to lean on, then having to face the results of the disease. . . was difficult.


Yet now as the years rush by, awareness opens my eyes to the reality that i can no longer qualify for the Olympics (LOL) The years are hurrying by, and as another wrinkle is noticed, energy is not the same. But there are still challenges I meet with strength and wisdom, and places where I can make a difference. So my eyes look up to enjoy the sunrises, the stars at night and all the beauty each day brings, and my mouth declares, “Let the wind blow”’.

I actually enjoy being out on a windy day, letting it rush through my hair feeling the power of God therein. It blasts the cobwebs out of my mind and leaves a freshness! I shout out “Remember where my strength comes from!”, and “Fear not, for there is nothing to fear!”. I like to lecture myself. Do you do that too?


My dear friends, as this day beckons me forth to a new task,  may your spirit dance like leaves in the wind!  I wish you Joy and Blessings!


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