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Posted on April 24, 2019 at 4:35 AM


I learned a lesson Easter morning. I serve as one who recognizes those who choose to invite Christ into their life at a special time during the service. I bring a gift bag with a bible and other things in it. Well Easter morning I saw 2 raised hands and hurried to take the bags. But I ran ahead of God and pastor and tried to give the bag before the people had said the prayer of commitment. She was in front and pastor had to stop me by calling my name and saying “not yet”. How embarrassing, and looking back, how wrong. Where was my mind? It had run way ahead of God and forgotten to engage with Him first. It was a spotlight on my weakness of getting ahead of God and not relishing the moment and receiving all God has for me in that moment. I run ahead of Him. That morning I got it ~ I will in the future work on allowing God to be in the lead.

SO hold me back Lord, when I want to jump ahead of You. It’s like hiking a mountain trail. It is so gorgeous with the mountains like Your muscles strong and foundational. Yet along the trails are rocks, sometimes boulders that must be skirted or climbed, and there’s no hint of what is hidden around the bend. Yet my eager spirit wants to see it all and pushes me ahead. That’s good and bad.


For when I push ahead I miss things - the splendor of the way the sun’s direction has highlighted a red stone formation signaling God’s special touch. Or it could be a sudden narrowing of the trail with a long drop off, or even be the beginning of a scree field which may be very dangerous.


When I allow You to guide my footsteps I stop and become enthralled by Your creative genius, the grandeur of Your design. And as I listen to Your counsel, so many small things come together to form a whole plan showing me the way to go. Then my way is clear keeping me from unexpected hazards, and revealing the magnificent creations of Your hands.


Sometimes, my Lord, the busyness and complexity of life drowns out Your still small voice; confusion can then sneak in and I’m lost. It’s time to stop and seek You, my Lord. get my bearings from Your wisdom again. Yes, thank You Lord for holding me back and allowing Your wisdom to more strongly guide my life from now on.


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