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Posted on December 25, 2018 at 3:15 AM

December 6, 2018

I love You!

As I began this blog post, I saw that the last posting was December 6 and it simply said, "I love You!" It drew me back to that day. . .

That was the day the world began to twirl much like a “DORTHY ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD” experience. Except my wizard of Oz was not a fable character; rather He wasThe Almighty God of the UNIVERSE, and was the author in this story. 

Seems there was a child that needed protection, and in a divine moment in time, God chose one to be His hand. A sweet 2 year old, full of eagerness of life, broke free of his mom’s hold and tore off down the line of parked cars, right in the one’s direction. She was aware of a car backing out close behind her, and knew the driver could not see a little ball of energy running pell mell towards her. 

On instinct the one shouted “Stop” at the wee one; then with  arms out to impede his progress ran at him; it did stop the child who proceeded to fall; the one tripped over him and crashed onto the black top.

As "Dorothy’s farm house" landed solidly in another place and time, so one’s life did also. . . ambulance, emergency room, hospital , surgery 1, surgery 2, Rehab house. . . From full active fast moving life, a full stop lever was lowered.


So where were one’s thoughts with all this? Many at the hospital asked, and her reply was, “i feel so honored that God chose me to be HIS hand in saving this child’s life. What a privilege! I am not a hero, I just accepted God’s call. It was pure instinct and many of you would have done the same. Yes, the consequence was a couple of broken bones and a trip on the wild side, sorta. Days spent some confined to a bed, a loss of sense of modesty and independence. BUT also a time of having intimate conversations with GOD.


One vision bloomed in the twilight: a child grown up in a family of love following God’s perfect plan; loving parents doing the same. also came a glance of another "could have been" possible outcome of sorrow anger and conflict and destruction of a prefect plan of the CREATOR. But His intent for good for many lives was rescued.


Who knows what even small actions of ours affect the lives of the many? If we think about our lives, what is our purpose? We are not an island. We are born as part of a community, to inter connect with those around us. However, for happiness to reign, our first connection is with God. The key, often missing, is thinking about others first. What do you think? Can you be a key in God's plan and purpose for other lives?


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