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Posted on October 31, 2018 at 5:30 AM


Today my friends, I'm inviting you to join me in prayer to seek the Lord to deepen our relationship with Him:

My God, You are the Holy One. Above all You are our God. You are more important than anything else!   I bow before You! My time is Yours for as long as You want me. All these distractions call and I’m off and running. But, no. You are my beloved Father and You are # 1.  No one is greater than YOU! No one is holier than You! Lord, do You see this inner war calling me to come out and play? But I say “NO” My God wants to spend time with me and it shall be my choice also. He is critically important to all my life! And he speaks to me:

You have told me, Lord, You are calling me to something greater. i will go thru pain, but never more than I can tolerate and You are always close and will come the second I call. The pain will bring strength. I will be stronger for having gone thru it. Like exercising to build muscle. No pain, no gain. 

"Trust Me Mary! Do not be afraid". 'Yes, Lord, as You told Joshua, “Be courageous. Do not fear”, I will trust in You and not fear.'



In all things, Lord, You are great! You created a universe that is greater than man can explore. It’s very hugeness is overwhelming. You placed surprises of beauty throughout it. it’s like being in a dream land where fantastic shapes and colors appear as you float through it. All You create has its own fascination and can bless us. Some people stop there Lord. For You as Creator out there in space are untouchable, far away. But that is just the outer edges.

There is an inner space within each person. We try and fill it up with thoughts, imaginings, entertainment, dreams, etc. Yet that inner space is also where we can find You. . . Here in us You will dwell if we invite You in. Here You are touchable, You are knowable~to some degree~and that degree can expand. Come fill my inner space My Lord, for it is the place where You breathed life into me. It’s the place where I seek You.

It’s the space in me where I chose to invite You to come dwell in me. Jesus, you gave me freedom from the shackles of sin, the guilt, the ugliness of it. You cleansed me with Your own blood and pain and suffering. You paid my debt. You raised me up out of the muck, the slime, the sucking clay of sin. Now I am free to love You and be loved by You, because You Jesus raised me up out of the pit, and You washed me off inside and out that I may be presentable at the table. Yes, the table of the lamb, the wedding feast of the King. I am garbed now in Your righteousness and clothed properly to join with Your guests.

I choose to live my life for You and Your will. I choose to do what You call me to do.Father; it is You I want to be close to; I’m hungry for a deeper relationship with You. I love You. I love being in Your Presence. :)   You are good! In all ways I want to be closer to You.

My body is under attack this morning. I claim Your Word over my body. Jesus said by His stripes we were healed. Now that’s in Your Word Father. And You are not a man that You should lie, nor the son of man that You should change Your mind. And You further said You would watch over Your Word to perform it. Thank You for healing our bodies!

You are almighty and all powerful. You keep the whole universe moving at Your direction. You created this world with its sun and moon and stars and You keep them all in place. It is all in Your hands. All these huge things under Your control, yet still You the God of the Universe, seek me out with Your desire to dwell in me. You direct me along Your path to do Your will. It’s not because You force the issue. You offer it to me and I get to choose to follow You and Your will. And I do so choose because You love me. You sent Jesus with Jesus agreement of love to die for me a horrible death. Jesus You spilled Your blood so I could choose to live in righteousness, so I could choose to love You. Now I love You and trust You in all things to watch over my life, as You watch over the universe with minute attention and detail.

Thank You mighty God! My friends, we are  blessed beyond compare! 


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11:32 AM on November 2, 2018 
Our great God offers us so much! We just need to say "yes". Offer Him your heart and choose to live for Him. He will guide you and bless you on into eternity!