Cast Up A Highway




Posted on October 17, 2018 at 5:10 AM

After gaining victory in the cancer battle, and resting for a space, it was time for the Lord's next assignment: a book. He sent a mind-capturing Scripture. Isaiah 62:10 began appearing everywhere, but what can you do with a Scripture like that: “Cast up a highway in the desert for my people”? But I was obedient  and phoned an engineer asking , “How do you build up a highway?”. Once the engineer relayed the the information, Scriptures began downloading into my mind filling in the basic design of a God-highway. 


It was establishing a structure of faith to shape a love life. It became a foundational mind picture to check anytime there was a feeling of drifting away, of a break in the connection. The book, Cast Up A Highway, leads one in logical steps to know God and to construct a love relationship with Him, then grow that bond, and maintain it. 


The book being simple to read and basic in teaching creates a mind picture our youth can put in their suitcase as they go off to college. It's a staple when their faith comes under attack. Young ones can grasp the simple truths in the basics of faith and then be taught a life pattern for retaining it. The book is perfect for new believers who crave a stronger and deeper bond with their God.

Now understand I knew and know the power of this little book, yet the Lord did not let it grow exponentially as I expected. Rather, God set me on a shelf and told me, ‘now you grow’ in preparation for the next trip on the train. So there I sat as a potted plant on a shelf, not as my vision ~ of the mighty cedar trees of Lebanon deeply rooted on the river of life giving love and healing to all those who came by. :)   Pride has a way of being exposed so it can be excised, and God is good at that. 


So, I had to speak to my God, “Ok God, my plans are not always Your plans. I bow down to You and accept Your plan for my life. Not just “accept” with the resentment of no choice, but “accept” with gratitude and trust knowing You love me and always have the very best for me.” It's a good place we all can come to when our plans or expectations don't happen as we hoped they would.

Lesson received in heart: Trust in God always! He loves us exceedingly, cares for us gently, and building one God-step upon another, leads us always to victory in our life battles!

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