Cast Up A Highway




Posted on September 26, 2018 at 4:15 AM



From deep down in her heart a small bubble rose and showed as a shy smile on her face, a smile of hope. Just maybe it would happen. Not trusting completely, her past pain of rejection walled up any more escape. But that tiny bubble of hope was enough. Her eyes showed a spark of light. She had heard of a man named Jesus, who they said was really God’s Son, and He brought healing with Him to those who believe. Her small steps carried her through the streets to the place of meeting, and there were many people gathered. How could she get to the one who could tell her more? Eti’s body was little, but her spirit was big, and she decided nothing would hold her back.

Threading her way through the crowd, Eti made her quiet way to the front. There was the teacher with joy pouring out of his eyes talking about a God who loved her, who cherished her. Her gods only wanted from her,  giving nothing back, valueless. But the man with the joyful eyes said God truly cared about her, treasured her as His child. Eti listened eagerly to all the words of the teacher; he said she could know this God, talk with Him, share her hurts and fears with Him, and He would help her. Hope began to break down the walls surrounding her heart, and joy began to gather. Teacher said she could have this very God live within her if she would repent of her sins.

Tears of sorrow began to leak from Eti’s eyes; she saw her inner rebellions and her lies as imperfections. Hope showed her truth, and she opened her heart to the Jesus, Son of God who would come live within her. As she invited Him in and chose to have Him lead her life forever, Eti felt a new sensation, a joy fill her entire being. She was no longer alone.

The teacher smiled at her and led her to another, a woman whose eyes also were filled with the light of joy. Together they moved aside to a quiet place to talk. Ruth shared more about Jesus with Eti, and together they planned another time to meet together.


Are you like Eti with what seems to be a life time of disappointments, rejections and not good enoughs? Are you feeling trapped in a dank basement of despair? My friend, that bubble of hope in Eti brought her to the Savior, who is the answer to all those dark feelings. Yes, when you ask Jesus into your heart, He will totally cleanse away your past sins and mistakes as though they never were. Yes, You are clean inside and when you give your life to Him allowing Him to help you through every difficulty, every challenge, life is so much better. Joy can be reborn in you! Victory is a guarantee! My friend, Eti found the true answer and you can too!

   ........................................JESUS LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!


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