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Shepherd Care

Posted on September 4, 2016 at 11:55 AM

You are the Almighty One! Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Thank You for always being available to help me. More, You are in waiting for me to come to You and ask for help. You are eager to bring me to where You want me to be. I bow before You and say, “I too am eager to be where You want me to be.”

Come Lord Jesus! Guide me and my thoughts, my will and my spirit to the path that leads through the jungles and its traps and dangers. Be on my ship in any stormy sea that threatens my emotions. Only You can dry my tears and bring peace. You are my Savior in every way and I need You by my side; then in peace I will walk and not doubt. You created me and all Your children for greatness, so I humbly bow to Your will.

Father You are so huge some cannot conceive of Your personal love for each of us. Yet I know without a doubt that You love me and all Your children. You accept us where we are right now and are eager to be our Comforter, Guide, our Counselor and Protector. Holy Spirit as You indwell us, You are ever present to be our constant companion.

“Constant”, I like that word. It's one description of God's attributes.

In math it’s a constant or parameter that does not change its value whatever the value of the variables

Otherwise it’s defined as unchangeably faithful and dependable; remaining the same or occurring continuously over a period of time

Holy Spirit is always with us loving and caring for us tenderly. He does not change. He always wants what is best for us. Sometimes we may not agree immediately that something is best, but knowing of His powerful love for us, we bow down to His wisdom and trust Him completely,

These end times are not going to get easier, but when we are locked into our Lord, He will bring us through them. How do we get ‘locked in’? It is like any relationship, we must spend time together. My book, Cast Up A Highway, teaches ways to build a close relationship with God. My friends, in these end times we will all need a close tie with our Lord. This connection is what will be the knowledge, the advice, the edge in every situation to get us where we need to be; through it we will not just survive, for it causes us to grow stronger and more successful in our life mission.

These will be scary times and exciting times. Cast fear aside and grow in Christ, and you will find the excitement, the thrill and delight of following God’s direction through all the confusing roadblocks and weed filled paths of our journey. He’ll be there to walk with you and me as our Shepherd.

By the way I heard a good description of the difference between a shepherd and a hireling. When danger comes, the shepherd will hurl himself between the sheep and the danger. But when danger comes, the hireling will turn tail and run away. The true Shepherd is Jesus. Hirelings of the world cannot be trusted.

Dear friends, do not procrastinate in accepting Jesus' gift of salvation, for we never know which day will be our last on earth, and we do know that we want to move on to Jesus Kingdom, not hellish torment. Also, our journey here on earth can be easier and joy filled as well, when we walk with Holy Spirit guidance.

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