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Do You Know Holy Spirit?

Posted on September 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Good morning Lord! I like meeting with You early when it's still dark out; it’s more like it’s just You and me here. How incredible is that? You, who created the universe in all its far reaches, are meeting with me here this morning. You knew the Hubble telescope would reveal some of the mysterious beauty of Your creation, and I am enthralled with the lovely gifts You have hidden in the hugeness of the universe for us to find. Father in all Your wonder and glory, You thought of this surprise to delight us. Thank You!

You are my God, worthy of all my respect and praise and worship. In all of the ‘me’, there is not the ability to give You what You deserve; but in me is the desire to honor and praise You. Jesus left Holy Spirit to help me to do this, and to convict me when my attitude falls short of total love and honor for You.


My God, my Triune God, You have me covered. You created me; You saved me; You have come Yourself, Holy Spirit, to guide and protect me throughout my life on earth and lead me to my home in heaven. What more could I ask?

Third person of the Godhead Holy Spirit, You are often misunderstood. You are the One Jesus left with us to help us, to answer our questions, to speak messages we need to hear. In the beginning You hovered over the darkness until Father spoke, “Let there be light”, and You created light. Jesus did not perform miracles until He returned from His fast in the desert and had been filled with You Holy Spirit [Luke 4:18]. Holy Spirit, we so miss it when we do not know You as You truly are. We need to establish a close, intimate relationship with You. Holy Spirit, help me to deepen the bond between us. I want to truly know You, honor You, and be immersed in knowledge and in touch with You.

Do you know the Holy Spirit?

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