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Fire in My Bones

Posted on April 5, 2013 at 7:10 AM

Fire. Hot, blistering, consuming. Fire eating up everything in its path. Red n yellow flames roaring up the hillside, leaving behind glowing coals on ash strewn earth. Devastation. Lives destroyed. This is fire of destruction as in forest fire, as in fires of hell.

But, then there is fire of God which is life and warmth and energy. Our fire for God is a consuming passion for the things of God, the desires of God. Spirit is on fire with God. Holy Spirit fire burning within the heart compels to action. God’s heart desires all His children to be saved! As one on fire, the desire to speak salvation to others becomes a riveting compulsion! Holy Spirit live Your life in me; burn in my heart for souls!

Summer season is coming with its dry hot days. We call for rain to water the flora and fauna to keep away the frightening fires that plagued our land last year! Holy Spirit we call for the water of the Word to rain on the hearts of mankind. Live Your life in us causing us to reach out in love, that the ravages of evil’s cunning lies will not be able to demolish God’s good plan for mankind. Do not allow our hearts to grow cold; rather be a fire shut up in our bones! Speak Your serene words of love through our lips; be the touch of our hands giving the comfort and healing of Jesus Himself. Be the courage in our hearts to speak His words of truth!

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