Cast Up A Highway




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Jeremiah 10:12-13 (New Living Translation)
                                                                                   But God made the earth by his power,
 and He preserves it by his ...

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Harvest of Friends

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Planting seeds is the beginning of harvest. That's what we tried to do at our anniversary party. . . plant seeds. Some probably thought it inappropriate, but with so many dear ones gathered together, God nudged us to share the Gospel message with them. We so want our friends and relatives to be with us in eternity, but some have rejected Jesus and chosen their own beliefs. I just pray as death nears their doors...

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Shepherd Care

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You are the Almighty One! Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Thank You for always being available to help me. More, You are in waiting for me to come to You and ask for help. You are eager to bring me to where You want me to be. I bow before You and say, “I too am eager to be where You want me to be.”

Come Lord Jesus! Guide me and my thoughts, my will and my spirit to the pat...

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Deep Calls to Deep/ A Spirit Language

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Do you ever feel the hunger to plummet the depths of God? I mean to dive down deep into who He is?

Sharing from GlobalPrayer Alert Network:

Brother Hagin said, “Revelation of God’s plan and purpose for your own life and revelation of the deeper things of the Word all come by fellowshiping with God through the supernatural communication of praying in other tongues.” That could be singing in other tongues. Singing in the spirit. But communicating w...

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(1) Running Like a Movie

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Good morning my marvelous Lord! You who created this magnificent universe and this world in it! Thank You! The wonderful plan You began thousands of years ago is still running, like a movie. Only YOU know how it ends; but You have given us clues like a treasure map hidden in a book called the Bible. We also call it “the Word” or the “Living Word”. Why is it called that?

A clu...

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Jesus or Gollum?

Posted on November 6, 2015 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Holy Spirit, You are spirit so I cannot see You in a physical form. If I want to picture You, I personally picture Your creation, specially the universe and the gift of many forms You have placed there for our discovery. Some are so full of power I can almost feel it just looking at pictures from Hubble Telescope. You are also a dichotomy~ peace and power, clarity and mystery, guide an...

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Have you ever found you go to bed at night and all is well, then you wake up in the morning with a dark cloud over your head? Where did that come from? Of course, one can wake up to a sunshiny spirit as well. How much does “wake up mode” affect your day? I found a few of my wake up mornings in my journal~

1. Holy Spirit I thank You for Your help this morning; i awoke in a struggling frame of mind. I do...

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Who Loves You Most?

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Lord God, You are moving! You are setting the stage of Your end time play. It’s already begun. Things of prophecy from the Bible are happening. I pray, help me do well in the role You have cast me, Lord.

In the beginning of beginnings Father God Your love brought forth the world and children; You breathed Your life into them. Along the centuries, I entered Your plan. You ...

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Do You Know Holy Spirit?

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Good morning Lord! I like meeting with You early when it's still dark out; it’s more like it’s just You and me here. How incredible is that? You, who created the universe in all its far reaches, are meeting with me here this morning. You knew the Hubble telescope would reveal some of the mysterious beauty of Your creation, and I am enthralled with the ...

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Myterious Holy Spirit

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Oh dear Holy Spirit, how can we please You this morning? “We bow down to You, give You rulership over who we are. Live Your life in us. We give our life to You; do with it as YOU will."

We are a host for You Holy Spirit God. Such privilege is almost overwhelming! Help us be more constantly aware of the treasure we hold, Lord. Your holiness indwells us, since You inhabit us. Help us grow and live in truthful understanding of all that is incorporated into Your indwelling habitation,...

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Fire in My Bones

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Fire. Hot, blistering, consuming. Fire eating up everything in its path. Red n yellow flames roaring up the hillside, leaving behind glowing coals on ash strewn earth. Devastation. Lives destroyed. This is fire of destruction as in forest fire, as in fires of hell.

But, then there is fire of God which is life and warmth and energy. Our fire for God is a consum...

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Holy Spirit

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John 14:16-17 (AMP)

And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that He may remain with you forever

17 The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world cannot receive (welcome, take to its heart), because it does not see Him or know a...

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