Cast Up A Highway




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I sat listening to the story of a beautiful young woman who at age 17 was horribly burned over 40% of her body in a chemical accident. Her story of courage and redemption so touched my heart! There she stood with scarred body and face; dreams of being a model and actress gone forever. . .   Perhaps the worldly version of the dream containing surface beauty would never be fulfilled, but where does true beauty exist?

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A Vision

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Praise You mighty God! Mighty Lord, You shall always be my God forever and ever. Faithfully You shall teach me and and encourage me. I bow down to You in thanksgiving and worship!

On Sunday I attended mass with a friend, and at communion time God gave me a picture in my mind of Jesus. At this time of remembering Christ’s sacrifice, it was not Jesus on the cross nor His horrific torture that appeared in my field o...

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Tasting His Magnificence

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Walking through the forest after a spring snow had dressed the scene, i so enjoy the sounds permeating the atmosphere. . . the silence punctuated by the crunch of my boots on the crusty snow, the bird songs of joy, a cracking of a branch moving in the breeze. As my lungs inhale clean pure air, my heart drinks in the refreshing spirit of God’s beauty. The magnificence of His marvelous creation for us l...

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Like a Clam

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Coming out of my clam shell. Been focusing on just making a perfect pearl, and now it is finished: I can open up and see the green pastures ahead where Holy Spirit is preparing my next journey; but first He is giving me rest. Body and soul both need downtime to recuperate to full strength again.

What an amazing God we serve! He knows me so well and because He lo...

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Who Loves You Most?

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Lord God, You are moving! You are setting the stage of Your end time play. It’s already begun. Things of prophecy from the Bible are happening. I pray, help me do well in the role You have cast me, Lord.

In the beginning of beginnings Father God Your love brought forth the world and children; You breathed Your life into them. Along the centuries, I entered Your plan. You ...

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