Cast Up A Highway




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“Spelunkers” are those who choose to go down into the earth exploring caves. Many are untrained and for them it can be a hazardous sport. “Cavers” are those who have been trained in cave exploration, its dangers, its required skills, its necessary tools, etc. One facetious banner says “Cavers rescue spelunkers.”


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First Plant of Spring

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January 5, 2017 It has begun! A brand new year has broken ground, its little green head peaks through the surface. In a house we had years ago, we could look out a large dining room window and see the spring plants breaking ground. Its such a joy to watch them struggle up to the sunshine in February. They were a true sign that Spring was indeed almost here. They struggled through...

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Christmas Is Not just A Day

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Beautiful needle point work by Sharon Burke

Shining brightly in the silent night, the great star of Bethlehem alerted the astrologists to Jesus birth and His location. He was a light in the darkness.

Christmas comes near the end of the year, and this year it seems to have extra...

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Year For Exuberance

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This cold weather reminds me of growing up in the Mid West. In the cold of winter, the dark of night would fall early. Sometimes Freddie’s Dad would build a bonfire in their back yard. It drew us kids like a bear to honey. As the blaze grew hotter we would run home to beg a potato from our Moms. Have you ever eaten a fire roasted potato? Yum! Good! We would drop it into the fl...

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The Doors Open

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Like a leaf riding the current down a mountain stream, joy floats quietly into my spirit uplifting, filling in gladness throughout my being. A smile settles on my face, a shining sparkle in my eyes. Tis the season. . .

About to begin a new year, for December has opened its doors announcing the Babe’s birth is approaching, the day of cele...

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Who Loves You Most?

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Lord God, You are moving! You are setting the stage of Your end time play. It’s already begun. Things of prophecy from the Bible are happening. I pray, help me do well in the role You have cast me, Lord.

In the beginning of beginnings Father God Your love brought forth the world and children; You breathed Your life into them. Along the centuries, I entered Your plan. You ...

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