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The Death Gamble

One day a man walked along a narrow ledge of a cliff. From below, the depths called to his soul. But his eyes were on the eagle nest built on a tree overhanging the canyon above. How he wanted to get prize winning pictures of the baby eaglets he could hear complaining hungrily.

It was a dangerous mission he had set for himself, for if the parents returned their attack would be vicious. Determination were in the hands that began to climb the cliff finding handholds and small indentations for his feet. His eyes set again on the small ledge jutting out, a perfect platform for taking photographs of the eaglets. Once in place he quickly removed his pack and built a small camouflage to hide from the parent eagles, and removed a small food stash and water. His plans had been well thought out; everything was perfect. . . until he noticed dark clouds beginning to cover the sky.

It was not suppose to storm for three days; he’d checked the weather map. Fear became a nausea in his gut. He was not protected from strong winds and rain and hail. He’d never be able to climb down the cliff to the narrow ledge and make his way to safety in time. Clouds of darkness were quickly rolling past. The breeze was now a definite wind tearing at his preparations; friends had tried to speak to him about his plans; but he insisted he knew what he was doing, never mind their good intentions. His intelligence was always his pride and his guide. He needed to rely on no one or nothing else.

At the sound of huge wings approaching the nest, he crouched trying to keep his hiding place from being revealed. Winds were now tearing at his camouflage and soon he would be exposed. Rain was slicing through the air.

“Oh God”, he called out in his mind, “if You are there, help me.” Regret was unfamiliar to him, but at this time when death was a definite possibility, it touched his emotions. How could his brilliant mind not have realized the vicissitudes of the weather?

What had his friends said about death and the hereafter? Something about Jesus and Him dying for sin? Surely there was nothing after death. But, what if they were right? His mind was swirling like the wind and the rain. What if they were right? Then it would mean an eternity of suffering for him. If he was right, death would bring nothingness. It was a gamble. Did he really want to gamble on eternity?

He went back into his near perfect memory to what his friend had said about submitting to Jesus as Savior as Lord of his life and repenting of sin. Sin? What sin? Oh, yeah. . . he remembered hurting his girlfriend’s feelings, putting her down for an idea, and laughing at his friend’s beliefs. Now he was giving serious consideration to the beliefs of his friends. Other immoral behhaviors began filling his mind and something in him recognized them as sin. OK he was a sinner. So it was necessary to repent, be sorry for hurting others, selfishness, and more.

Yes, God, I am a sinner. Jon said Jesus paid the price for my offenses against my friends~ and against You. You made my friends, You love them as Your kids, and when I offend them, I offend You. His heart began to soften.

I’m sorry Lord! Please forgive me. Jesus, thank You for paying the price for my sin. I want You to live in me and help me to love You and love others better. Thank You for saving me. Peace began filling his soul leaving no room for fear.

As he peaked out at the nest, the parent eagles protecting their young from the storm were not looking at him. He was safe for the moment; even though his disguise was almost gone in the wind and the rain, he began resting in a new found peace. Somehow he believed God would save him from his past prideful decisions, would rescue him from the cliff.

John 3:16 (AMP)For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son,
so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him
shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost)
but have eternal (everlasting) life.

Have you given your heart to Jesus yet? He will rescue you too!

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