Cast Up A Highway - Build your personal highway to God!


I am so glad you came for a visit! Today is the beginning of a wonderful journey! It's going to be unique and personal to you! As you choose to read this book, it will take you to places that  you may have never been before. You will be led to experience the excitement of frequent personal encounters with the One who rules the universe, who set each star in its place. 

This book will teach you, using scripture, how to get up close and personal with a Father Who loves you just as you are! God wants to establish a relationship with you today. Your spiritual highway plan is waiting. You only need to be willing! This book will take you one section at a time through the basic principles required for your own powerful inner highway construction.

If you are a youth leader, consider inspiring your kids with these concepts. Using God's Word, it will create a visual in their minds, and be a support as they go out to meet a hostile world culture that is growing more anti-Christian every day. (Ask about support material.) Basic principle teachings create a simple method for allowing Holy Spirit's touch in each life.

If you have just met your Savior and want to know how to build an intimate relationship with Jesus, or if your church has classes for new believers, this book will introduce you to a step by step relationship building program. Check out the possibilities.
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